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Dear Dr. Kurpis,

Thank you for an amazing job. The quality, naturalness, and perfect fit, size and shape of the veneers are truly remarkable. The experience could not have been more professionally or expertly done. The staff, both medical, and behind the scenes are top-notch. I recommend you highly to all.

Andre L

Dear Dr. Kurpis,

It’s been two months since I’ve had the porcelain veneers on my teeth and I wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with the results. Not only do my teeth look and feel natural, but having a beautiful smile makes me feel great. I have a confident feeling about myself, knowing that I now have an attractive and bright smile. Just today, a stranger complimented me on having such a beautiful smile. People really do notice my smile!

If any prospective clients have concerns or questions about getting porcelain veneers, I would highly recommend they do it. Thanks for doing a great job!


Barbara Z.

People always used to tell me I had a beautiful smile. When they stopped mentioning it, I realized I needed help. My teeth had turned yellow and streaked in my 70 years. I researched several cosmetic dentistry procedures. Dr. Kurpis was the most professional and the best informed as to my needs. He painstakingly prepared my teeth, advising me of each step, and applied porcelain laminates in a perfect shade to my upper teeth-without any pain! I smile now with confidence and, though the lines in my face weren’t removed, people won’t believe my age, as my teeth look 50 years younger.

Carol C.

I am so happy with my new smile. I was told by two dentists that the POSITIONING of my teeth would prevent a good result with veneers.

As a child I was missing my permanent lateral incisors. The wisdom of the day was to REMOVE the temporary lateral incisors and then try to push all the front teeth forward with braces. When my braces were removed I had unsightly spaces. In my late twenties I had my four front teeth bonded to try to minimize the spaces. The result was fair and I just lived with it. In the past 5-10 years the bonding began to discolor and I was very unhappy with the look of my teeth. The two dentists I consulted with recommended wearing braces AGAIN to get the teeth back in their original positions and then getting either implants or a permanent bridge. This seemed excessive to me and the idea of wearing braces didn’t thrill me…and then I found Dr. Kurpis on the internet.

After my initial consultation he assured me that I could have a good result with veneers. After my veneers were completed I couldn’t stop looking at my mouth. I was driving home and kept looking at my teeth in the rear view mirror!!! Even today when I see photographs of myself I am happy I did it.

C. Smith

Dear Dr. Kurpis,

It’s already been a week since you’ve given me a beautiful smile. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me. You’ve given me so much more than just a beautiful smile.

I enjoy scrap booking and reminiscing with my old photos. It brings tears to my eyes when I look at myself in those photos and remember how unattractive I always thought I was. It was because of my teeth that I felt so ugly, unworthy, and, well, less than normal. Over the past week, I can’t take my eyes off the mirror. I had no idea how pretty I really was.

I wish I could tell everyone who visits your website that, yes, those results they are looking at in all those examples are what can really be done. I looked through all those photos and tried to find the ones closest to my own teeth. I still couldn’t imagine that the results I’d get would be anything close to what I was seeing on your website. I tried to imagine what my teeth would look like, but, of course, I thought my case was far more severe than any of those on your website. There was no way I’d ever have a smile as pretty as theirs. Was I wrong! My results are far better than I had ever dreamed it would be.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. I love my new smile so much; I began to wear lipstick to attract attention to my mouth. With artwork this beautiful, it deserves a frame of lipstick.

Thank you!

Chris S.

Hi Dr. Kurpis,

I was thinking yesterday that there was more that I wanted to share with anyone who is considering getting porcelain veneers done by you. As you know I had a very difficult decision to make because I had to decide between you or my general dentist who I’ve trusted for years. It was not an easy decision.

Many years ago I began this process of “preparing” my mouth for veneers. I had been following a plan created by my general dentist that would give me a beautiful smile. I had two gum surgeries, five teeth pulled, braces for two years, and I was in the process of whitening my top teeth with the home tray system.

I had a lot of questions for my dentist and I wasn’t always satisfied with the answers. “Would my teeth be uniform in thickness?” “NO” “Would my teeth be white? I want white.” “We’ll match it it to the lightest tooth after the whitening process.” “My teeth are varying shades of yellow. Will the shades of yellow show through the veneers?” “Yes, the veneer materials are somewhat translucent” “Will I be happy with the end results? I guess anything is better than what I already have.”

On top of all doubts I had regarding the product my general dentist had in his plan for me, I had two dental professionals telling me that my own dentist was one of the best dentists when it comes to cosmetic work. I had so many doubts though. Why didn’t my own dentist show me photos of his before and after work? Why does Dr. Kurpis think I can have six veneers when my own dentist says I have to do three veneers and three caps? Is my own dentist more concerned with the health of my teeth and not the cosmetic look? What if I had my own dentist do it and I were not happy with the results and had to pay a second time to have it all redone? Why would I not listen to the recommendation of two dental professionals? How could I betray my own dentist after he’s been with me all this time?

I came back to you for a second consultation and I knew that day you were the only one who could give me the results I so desperately desired. I just had to put my trust in you. Well, my new smile is more beautiful than I had ever dreamed it could be. I want to tell anybody who is considering using their own dentist instead of you, don’t even consider it for another second. Dr. Kurpis is the best. Look no further. Don’t waste another minute. Make the appointment and get it done. You will be thankful you did every time you look in the mirror and see your beautiful new smile.



I just want to thank Dr. Kurpis for giving me a reason to smile again. Before all these procedures I was very unhappy with my smile. Every time I used to talk to people I would look the other way so they would not see my teeth. I hated pictures and would never smile. I always said to myself, I have to fix this problem so I went to Dr. Kurpis, MY HERO! Now I talk to people face to face without turning away and I smile often.

Thank you Dr. Kurpis,


Dear Dr. Kurpis,

Just wanted to thank you again for truly giving me something to smile about! I am so happy with the outcome-but of course that’s why I came to you. You are truly an artist and a perfectionist. Thank You!


Dear Dr. Kurpis,

I can not thank you enough for giving me the most beautiful smile in the world! I feel so much more confident and have not taken the smile off my face. You truly are amazing. Having whiter and straighter teeth has given me more confidence than I have ever had. I can not believe how natural my teeth look. Words cannot describe how happy and satisfied I am!

Thank you again for all that you did, especially giving me that glamorous smile!

Emily K.


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