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Cosmetic Dentistry FAQ's
Q.  Can existing porcelain crowns or laminates be bleached?

A.  No, porcelain does not change color when exposed to dental bleach.

Q.  How long should bonding last?

A.  Bonding lasts 3-5 years, depending on wear and tear.

Q.  How long do porcelain laminates last?

A.  In excess of 10 years, when properly maintained.

Q.  Why do people choose porcelain laminates over bonding?

A.  Laminates look more realistic, do not stain, feel more natural, and are stronger.

Q.  When do you need to see a Periodontist?

A.  When local gum inflammation cannot be controlled by a hygienist and residual pockets that cannot be maintained are left around the teeth.

Q.  Can porcelain laminates or crowns give me lip support?

A.  Yes, if they are built out with bulk, provided it does not interfere with function and local biology.

Q.  How do you get rid of spaces between teeth?

A.  With porcelain laminates or bonding. Crowns may be used on more severe cases.

Q.  Does it hurt to have teeth prepared for laminates?

A.  No, it is a painless two visit procedure.   Local anesthesia can be given to highly sensitive patients, but  is usually not necessary.

Q.  What are the advantages of laminates versus orthodontic treatment?

A.  Orthodontic treatment takes 18 months to 2 years while porcelain laminates correct crooked teeth in two visits.

Q.  Are cosmetic procedures covered by insurance?

A.  Dental insurance usually does not cover cosmetic dental procedures.


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